Josh, the Dungeon Master, is an aspiring writer who has a penchant for starting hobbies he can't keep up with, like running podcasts. He attended college twice because the first time just wasn't good enough, and now works as a software developer for a local bank in Colorado.


Tom, a.k.a. "The Old Man", is Josh's father and the veteran of the group in more ways than one. His first romp in Dungeons & Dragons was during his service in the Army, where he toured in both Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm and South Korea.


If asked, Jaren might tell you his favorite pen and paper RPG is Star Wars, a game which he has served as DM multiple times in the past. He spent some time in Brazil on a mission for his church and as a result is now fluent in Portuguese and Mandalorian.


When he's not caring for his wife and three kids, he's working. When he's not caring for his family or working, he's adventuring with his friends in Golarion. Blake and Josh met in college and failed to make several funny YouTube videos together, but successfully passed economics.


Torie loves all things associated with foxes, demons, or abs. But she only likes the cool demons that have abs and are charmingly suave. How she and Josh ended up together is a mystery the world may never know. She is fluent in French and now works for the same local bank Josh works at, where she routinely breaks all their computers.


Dustin and Josh started working in the same building in 2012 and have yet to actually cross paths at work. Regardless, that didn't stop their mutual interest in board gaming and (some) sports from sprouting forth like a bulbous vine in midsummer.


Jacinda likes wine, long walks on the beach, and dragons. Also, bunnies. Some say that she has the spirit of a tiger within her, and only someone with an epic poker face could tame her. There's a story about how she and Dustin met in there somewhere -- maybe one day we'll root it out.

Tom 2.0

Tom 2.0 works with The Old Man as a mechanic, although they're not on the same team. The supervisors had to separate them because too much awesome in the room would distract the other employees. In his spare time, Tom 2.0 likes to do karaoke and ride his recumbent bicycle.


Doug has always had an affinity for elves, country music, and Bruce Willis movies. He and Josh met waaaaaay back in middle school, and he currently works for a small airport as a technician and gets to meet lots of cool new people every month.


Josh and Mike met each other studying tae kwon do in college. Unbeknownst to most of the world, Mike IS the way of the hand and foot. His role in the judicial system once led to an accidental summons of Chuck Norris -- Mike barely escaped with his life.


Adam has been a faithful, loyal, stalwart friend of Josh's for well over 10 years, back when they roomed together in college. He once ate a bucket of 50 wings by himself, giving him the nickname "Wings" in other gaming groups. Don't ask how he made it to the bathroom to wash up without touching anything.