Class:  Gunslinger/Ninja
Race:  Human
Player:  Blake
Bio:  Daniel Volun is a young human male that has a determination to right the wrongs that have been done to him in the past. Energetic and quick to punish evil in the most severe way, a.k.a. death, Daniel wants to make things better than they were before in every situation, even though the way he goes about it is not the best. With new found skills and abilities, Daniel feels up to the challenge of defeating anyone in his path and find his mother.

Daniel was born to a poor family living on the outskirts of a small town and had just barely enough to get by in the world. Daniel is the middle child with an older sister and a younger brother, both of which look up to him as a role model just for Daniel’s strong sense of action to make the world a better place.

Early in his life, Daniel was kidnapped by a group of bandits that held him for ransom, which in his mind did not make any sense because he and his family were very poor as it is. To his surprise, his mother came and freed him from the bandits and had just enough time to get Daniel to a safe hidden spot before the bandits found her and took her captive.

For three days Daniel stayed in that hidden spot, eating small grub and insects to keep himself from starving and keeping a cautious and watchful eye on his surroundings. Soon after the third day Daniel’s father, along with a search party, found him and took him back home to take care of him. For all their efforts….the search party could not find Daniel’s mother nor the group of bandits that took her captive.

Years later Daniel made a vow to find his mother and take vengeance on the group of bandits and make sure that not one of them is left standing. In his search, Daniel happened to run into the Pathfinder’s Society where he made some new friend’s with Minndiniell the Elven Magus and Sabina the Alchemist Rogue.
In his travels with the misfit group Daniel realizes that in order to become more useful for his new found friends and to find out where his mother might be he will need to learn some new skills. In some of their down time from going on missions Daniel has been studying the arts of shadow and assassination from an old Chinese man in the city of Cassomir. Only wanting to be called Dim, the old man willingly shared his knowledge and teachings to Daniel.