Class:  Magus
Race:  Half-Elf
Player:  Jaren
Bio:  Young and headstrong by Elven standards, Mindainiel, or Minn for short, is eager to explore and perfect her studies in the often misunderstood blending of arcane and martial practice of the the Magi. Her path has brought her to the adventuring organization of the Wayfinders, where she hopes to hone her skill and prove herself to all of her capabilities.

Details of Mindainiel’s past are rarely shared outside of close friends and family. The little she has divulged with her Traveling Companions, Daniel and Sabina, was shared around the fire of the Pathfinder’s common room in an effort to strengthen comradery.
Minn was born to adventuring parents. Her father was killed when she was an infant by a barbarian Orc tribe from the north, members of which Minn has sworn to hunt down in an effort to eventually eradicate the tribe from the face of Golarion. Minn’s mother is a respectable mage amongst an order with the Elves within Kyonin.
Raised by her mother with the Elves, Minn discovered her affinity to magic and to blend it with the elves’ mastery of martial prowess. At a young age, by elven standards, a differing of opinions and dispositions ended in a … mutual … decision on the parting of ways. Leaving the elves Minn lived amongst the peoples of River Kingdoms where she had to make her own way, picking up many talents and trades. However the instability of the region and the ever changing nations or city states was to much instability for Minn to handle.
It was then that Minn went in search of an organization where she could excel as magi and hone her skills to better prover herself and capabilities as a Mage and a Warrior. It was amongst the Pathfinder Society that Mindainiel found as a means to achieve this end.