Class:  Rogue/Alchemist
Race:  Human
Player:  Tom a.k.a. "The Old Man"
Bio:  Sabina's brothers were carried off at the age of 12 by the evil lords of Ice Rift Castle. She and her father traveled to the castle, but her father was killed by those lords and her brothers were sold to a slaver named Camillus Octavian. As she returned home, an old rogue formerly under the employ of Camillus took pity on her and taught her the ways of sleight of hand and thievery. They traveled by boat down the Sellen River, and the old rogue informed Sabina that her brothers were sold to the Pirate Captain Rybold in the city of Khari.

When they reached the Verduran Forest, their boat was assaulted by a large group of orcs. In the ensuing battle, the boat was smashed apart and the old rogue was mortally wounded. As he lay dying on the bank of the Sellen River, he asked Sabina to take his duties as a Pathfinder, and to seek out the Pathfinder safe house in Bellis. He gave her his journal and a coin to signify his membership into the Pathfinder Society.

Sabina joined the Pathfinder Society, but only in the hopes that it would give her the means necessary to rescue her brothers, kill Camillus, and mass enough power to wipe out Ice Rift Castle and the orcs who ambushed her on the Sellen River.